Terms & Conditions

Our terms, conditions and rulings for free broadcasting:

  1. Audio cannot be streamed at higher bit rate than 24kbps.
  2. All video broadcasts (to be announced) should be confirmed with us beforehand. This is due to video using more bandwidth which can effect other streams.
  3. It is not permitted to broadcast anything illegal by Sharee'ah or the law of the country.
  4. An active technical contact or representative for the Masjid or organisation must be available within 24 hours when needed.
  5. There are no restrictions on the amount of listeners you can have. We will provide as much data transfer and bandwidth that is possible.
  6. To support this free service, we will have business sponsors. These ads may be played or displayed before all streams.
  7. No ads will exceed 10 seconds.
  8. All our ads will be 100% Halaal in nature.
  9. Ads can be removed from your channel with a monthly subscription. The cost will be calculated at "monthly server cost" divided by "number of channels" on server.
  10. If a stream is not live, we can provide fillers such as Qur'aan, Nasheeds and talks. Please contact us for this.
  11. Breach of service rules can result in tempoary suspension during investigation.

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