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From here, you will find all the tools and information required to broadcast your Masjid or organization online.

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Getting started:

Technical terms and what you need to know and understand before refering to help files:

  1. Stream refers to the audio that is sent to the server.
  2. You will need a computer or laptop to broadcast the stream to the server:
    • The computer/laptop that streams to the server is refered to as broadcasting station
    • The method that is used to send the stream is known as push
  3. The portion that follows is known as the"channel" or "station" and the technical term is "publishing point"
  4. The channel name is usually the username. This is not always the case so keep a good record of username, password and publishing point.

Help Files:

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Please make most of this service by increasing Islamic events, talks and broadcasts and earn mountains of reward to the hereafter which we are all in dire need of. Jazakumullah for the Khidmah of Deen.

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